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Don think I have ever seen him watching women play on TV.
Gender gap is not unique to Brazil. Women play
far less soccer than men in much of South America and other parts of the world.

The militants were also pictured leaning from the windows while a child was
passed to rescuers several floors below (top right).
Two more ISIS suicide bombers attacked the shrine where one
device, believed to have been carried by a woman, exploded (bottom right).
Another attacker was shot dead, local media reports..

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Islam Amiri, 26, captained the Afghan football team to its first
international title, the South Asia Football Federation Championship, after the squad defeated India 2 0 last week in Nepal.
The triumph, coming just days after the country commemorated
its annual Martyrs' Week, gave a nation struggling
to emerge from decades of war something to celebrate away from the battlefield.
Amiri dance of celebration a happy shuffle, with his tattooed hands
moving up and down his side endeared him to Afghans..

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